Sunday, September 27, 2009

Master Bedroom Roof

Finally, I feel like I am meeting a milestone. I am now putting shingles on the master bedroom and private screen porch roof. It is a reasonably complex roof to shingle with an odd offset, metal valley pans, and 5 skylights to flash around. The weather isn't very predictable at this point either. But it shouldn't be long and the roof in this area will be complete.

The blue stuff in the picture is a new product I am trying out on this roof. It is a synthetic roofing underlayment that replaces the need for 30# roofing felt (a.k.a. tar paper). This particular product is DuPont RoofGuard. It has the advantages of being waterproof, lightweight, longer than tar paper so it goes on quicker, tear resistant, and grippy which is nice for a 6:12 slope roof like this one. One major appeal is that it can stay unprotected on the roof for 4 months. When you move at the pace I do, you need that kind of leeway.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stalled Again

Here we are again stalled for the 3rd time this spring. Rain for two days straight. We have already been stalled for a week or more due to the previous rain storms and all the mud. The mud is too thick to get the skidsteer through to begin the foundation for the screen porch. 
The screen porch roof is to comprise the southeast corner of the house and is an essential portion. The shingling cannot restart until the screen porch roof is finished and tied into the rest of the house.

Rain today; a break for a day or two then rain again.